Shotgun Bride by Karen Lopp


ImageTitle: Shotgun Bride

Author: Karen Lopp

Genre: Western Romance

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing





Ms. Lopp’s story is action-packed. Bullets are flying (quite literally) from one chapter to the next. Kathleen Barnes is a resourceful heroine who is set for New Mexico Territory after an inheritance windfall. But she’s not the only person eager for the land.

The hero is Mike Baca, a gentleman cowboy/rancher who “never misses” with his gun. Among the attempted robberies and murders, Mike and Kathleen develop a bond and suspicions as they travel together.


The writing was solid and Ms. Lopp inserts just enough Wild West nomenclature to keep it authentic but not weighted. The characters were sympathetic to the extent that I rooted for them. But I wished for more – I wanted to know more about Kathleen’s past. She seemed almost too resourceful for a girl who had lived in the city for years. Likewise for Mike, whose gun seemed to fire like magic.

And maybe that was my main gripe with the whole book. There were always bullets flying, always another disaster at the end of every chapter that I started to wonder how the characters could be so blind that they didn’t notice. And how could they keep going on with their lives as they were when there were dangers lurking everywhere? Most of the plot twists were predictable, though there were one or two that kept me guessing and the ending seemed a little too convenient. I needed better foreshadowing.

(There were also about half-a-dozen errors throughout the book. It made me concerned about the amount of editing. It took me out of the story every time I came across one.)

Heat Level: 2 of 5

2 flames



Romance: 4 of 5

4 hearts



Overall: 3 of 5

3 stars


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