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Snag a Rich Guy: The 5/5 Rules and the Secret Search Criteria by V. Ellis

Snag a Guy CoverTitle: Snag a Rich Guy: The 5/5 Rules and the Secret Search Criteria

Author: V. Ellis

Genre: Women’s Fiction / Chick Lit

Publisher: Animedia Productions


I found this book through a free Kindle download posting on Goodreads.  The author V. Ellis had posted her Introduction, which described her journey for how to be a gold digger.  The compelling the idea, funny tone, and idea of a guidebook hooked me.  I downloaded it as soon as I saw the post and here is my review.


This is supposed to be a non-fiction book.  A memoir, if you will, of the author’s journey to becoming a gold-digger.  As much as women lament and hope for “the one” they watch other women who aren’t as nice, kind, pretty, get the rich guy.  So she embarks on a journey to learn their ways through a clandestine website, extensive surveys and interviews, a catalog of what works, and puts it all into practice.


Vee, both the author and main character of the story, is our heroine.  She is determined to find a rich boyfriend and a future rich husband.  Though she don’t know the exact journey of she went from wallflower to pretty girl, we know she maxes out her credit cards to look great and fit into the role of the trophy girlfriend for that unsuspecting rich sap.

The reader roots for her, wanting to see success.  At the same time, there is a level of disgust that she has begun to lie to her best friend/roommate, changing everything about herself to fit this supposed mold, etc.  And the lack of money paired with the need for money is omnipresent.

She’s the train wreck you watch veering to the end of the broken tracks.  You watch her spiral deeper and you wonder – will she make it?  Really beat out all the rest of us who hold out for true love and become a genuine gold digger?  Or will she see the light and realize this is all for naught and her quest is leading to self-destruction?

These questions raced through my head and kept me reading.  The witty repartee between the characters, the poor guy she’s targeted all kept me reading.

Yet there were many points in time where I paused and asked myself if any of this could have happened.  Despite the name changes and the dramatizations, etc…could this have all taken place in real life?

(On an editing note: there were errors throughout the book.  I know every book has something or another.  But when it’s on the first page, I’m a tad disappointed.  Also, as I am from California, Silicon Valley is not IN Palo Alto.  Rather, Palo Alto is a part of the Silicon Valley.  I must say I bristled at that particular mistake as I imagined all the other SV companies would.)

Overall, Snag a Guy was a fast read – train wrecks tend to be fast no? – and Ms. Ellis has a wonderful knack of keeping the reader hooked and interested in reading more.

Given that this was more of a self-help, I’ll just give total ratings.

Overall: 4 of 5

4 stars


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