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Blood in the Stars by Jennifer Shea


Title: Blood in the Stars

Author: Jennifer Shea

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing



Daria Mathews is an estate law attorney who realizes after a near-death experience that she has been too busy working to find love.  Jason Angel begins as Daria’s blind date through a matchmaking service and quickly turns into her guardian as supernatural creatures prey on Daria.  Her blood gives power, her flesh gives immortality, and marrying her confers the right to rule.


The beginning reads as a damsel in distress scene where an unknown hero (Jason) rescues Daria.  It quickly darkens into what could be too gruesome for a regular romance novel.  The fight scenes and authentic Chicago backdrop veer into urban fantasy though this story is still a romance where the arc between the hero and heroine are the main focus.

There are moments of levity from the secondary characters and the smattering provides color and depth into what could be a simple story.  There are also hints of blossoming love and opportunities for another book, though there is no indication this is part of a series.

The twist on revisionist religion and the entry of behind-the-scenes political struggles add a new dimension to the story.  I would have liked to see more on this versus the explanation at the end.  It came a little late in the book as did the resolution with the antagonist.  The last third of the book felt like a build up to another.

It’s a solid paranormal romance and I’ll be interested in reading more from Ms. Shea in the future.

Heat Level: 2 of 5

2 flames



Romance: 4 of 5

4 hearts



Overall: 4 of 5

4 stars


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